EVject - Title Sponsor at Tesla Takeover 2023

EVject - Title Sponsor at Tesla Takeover 2023


As Tesla owners gathered at the Tesla Takeover 2023 event, a new product took center stage, promising to revolutionize EV charging safety. EVject, the world's first breakaway EV charging adapter, aims to provide Tesla owners with peace of mind and a quick escape in potentially dangerous situations while charging their vehicles.

Kreg Peeler and Erick Vega, the creators of EVject, joined Marty Morrise, founder of the Tesla Club SoCal, to introduce the product to the Tesla community. The idea for EVject was born out of a need to address the vulnerability Tesla owners face when charging their cars, especially in unfamiliar or unsafe locations.

The EVject adapter is designed to sit between the charging wand and the car's charging port. In an emergency, the driver can simply hit the "unlock charge port" button on their app or display, allowing the car to disconnect from the charger and drive away. The adapter breaks into two parts, with one remaining in the car and the other on the charging head, protecting both the vehicle and the charging station from damage.

One of the most compelling aspects of EVject is its potential to save lives. As Marty pointed out, the rising crime rates and recent incidents at superchargers have left many Tesla owners feeling vulnerable. EVject empowers drivers to take control of their safety, providing a quick and easy escape option without exiting the vehicle.

The EVject team is committed to delivering safety and efficiency to the market, with plans to expand their product line to include adapters for all EV models. They are also working on partnerships with companies like Hertz to provide EVject adapters with every rental Tesla, ensuring that even first-time Tesla drivers can charge with confidence.

As the EV community continues to grow, innovative products like EVject will play a crucial role in promoting safety and peace of mind for all EV owners. The EVject team encourages Tesla owners to provide feedback and share their stories, as they continue to develop products that address the evolving needs of the EV market.

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