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EVject Breakaway Charging Adapter

EVject Breakaway Charging Adapter

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Experience a safer EV charging experience with EVject. In an emergency, you no longer have to worry about leaving your vehicle, disconnecting the charger, and rushing back to safety. Simply attach the EVject adapter to the charger's head each time you plug in. In the event of an emergency, disconnect the charger from your dashboard like usual, but now you can immediately shift into drive—all from the safety of your car. 


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The Problem

Many Tesla owners underestimate one of the greatest vulnerabilities with their car: its charging system. Not only does charging at a Supercharger take an average of nearly 30 minutes (even longer for other charging stations), drivers are sitting ducks from the moment they plug in. This is because Teslas are missing critical safety features that allow for quick escapes in emergencies.

The Scenario

Imagine if a dangerous person approached your car while you charged. You need to get away, fast. But you have no escape. Your charge port effectively shackles your car to the charger, and Drive is literally disabled while your car is plugged in. Unplugging would require leaving the vehicle and opening yourself up to the danger. You just need to drive away…but you can’t.

The Solution

EVject is the solution. A revolutionary adapter acting as a circuit breaker, allowing you to fully stop the charging current from the safety of your car. Once you hit “Disconnect charging cable” on your dashboard, the flow of electricity stops, and you are safe to drive away without ever leaving your car. The EVject device will break in two, leaving one half to protect the charging wand as it falls to the ground and you escape.


We meticulously engineered EVject and rigorously tested it to deliver uncompromising safety you can count on, including full integration with Tesla’s built-in safety systems. We’re proud to say EVject works seamlessly with Level 1, Level 2, and DC fast charging.

When you preorder your EVject today, you’ll get:

  • Our patented breakaway device capable of fully breaking your charge and enabling your escape.
  • A safety net from a variety of dangers that could strike at any charging station. (Threatening individuals, adverse weather events, animal attacks, and much more).
  • Peace of mind knowing you or your loved one is better prepared for what’s out there.
  • Our special one-time warranty that replaces your EVject device when used in a dangerous situation. Just send us the recording of your escape and we’ll ship you a new device at no charge.

    Pre-order now and take control of your EV charging experience with EVject as your safety net.