Kim Java | The Simple EMERGENCY Device That Tesla Completely Overlooked

Kim Java | The Simple EMERGENCY Device That Tesla Completely Overlooked

In this video, YouTube influencer Kim Java demonstrates the effectiveness of the EVject connector, which sits between the charging wand and the vehicle's charging port. When faced with a threatening situation, such as a suspicious individual approaching or a fire breaking out, the EV owner can simply unlock the charge port from inside the car or via the app. This allows the vehicle to drive away, breaking the EVject adapter into two pieces – one remaining in the car and the other on the charging wand.

The EVject prototype featured in the video is 3D printed, but the final product will be injection molded for durability. The adapter is designed to break away with less than 10 pounds of force, ensuring a smooth and safe detachment from the charger. Once the danger has passed, the EV owner can easily remove the remaining piece of the adapter from their vehicle's charge port without any tools or risk of electric shock.

In addition to its breakaway feature, the EVject adapter also allows Tesla owners to use the Summon feature while their vehicle is plugged in. This could prove invaluable in situations where the car needs to be moved quickly, such as during a garage fire.

Kim shares her own experience of feeling vulnerable while charging at an unfamiliar location and discusses recent incidents involving altercations and even a shooting at a Supercharger station. The EVject adapter provides a solution to these concerns, giving EV owners the ability to quickly and safely remove themselves from dangerous situations.

EVject is currently available with a special 25% discount for Kim's viewers using the code "Kimjava25".  EVject plans to offer a free replacement for the first 1,000 units sold if the adapter is used in an emergency situation, and we are also developing versions for CCS and J1772 combo adapters for Tesla vehicles.

Don't wait until it's too late – invest in your personal safety and peace of mind with the EVject escape connector.

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