Munro Live | The Ingenious Solution for Safe EV Charging and Quick Getaways

Munro Live | The Ingenious Solution for Safe EV Charging and Quick Getaways


At the 2023 Tesla Takeover, Sandy Munro chats with Erick and Kreg from EVject to discuss their game-changing product designed to keep EV owners safe while charging.

The EVject is a cleverly designed adapter that sits between the charging wand and the vehicle's charging port. In the event of an emergency, such as a fire or a threatening individual, the EV owner can simply click "unlock charge port" from inside their vehicle. This disengages the communication pins, allowing the car to enter drive mode and speed away to safety. As the vehicle pulls away, the EVject breaks apart at a designated seam, leaving one half in the charge port and the other on the charging head.

Not only does this innovative product protect the user, but it also prevents damage to the charging station. EVject even offers a replacement adapter for those who have used theirs in an emergency situation, provided they send footage or the remaining components.

While the company is initially focusing on Tesla adapters, EVject is working on expanding the product line to accommodate other EV models, such as the Ford F-150. The goal is to make this safety feature widely available across all electric vehicles and charging stations.

The adapters showcased in the interview are 3D-printed prototypes, enabling the team to iterate and refine the design quickly. However, customers who order the EVject will receive a high-quality, injection-molded product built to withstand the rigors of daily use and high-temperature fast-charging sessions.

With plans to release the EVject in the fall, this groundbreaking accessory is poised to provide peace of mind to countless EV owners, making charging a safer experience for all. Be sure to check out the full interview for more details on this must-have safety device.

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