Now You Know | Don't Let This Happen To You | In Depth

Now You Know | Don't Let This Happen To You | In Depth

Have you ever been in a scary situation while charging your electric vehicle, wishing you could quickly unplug and drive away? Thanks to EVject, that nightmare scenario could soon be a thing of the past.

In this video, Now You Know YouTubers, Zac and Jesse put the EVJect to the test, demonstrating how this clever adapter allows you to disconnect from a charging station in an emergency rapidly. The EVJect sits between your car's charging port and the charging cable, and is designed to break apart when you hit the accelerator, leaving half attached to your vehicle and the other half on the charger.

While previous attempts to solve this problem were overly complicated or unreliable, the EVject provides a simple, effective solution. The prototype featured in the video is 3D printed, but the final product is made from durable injection-molded plastic for improved strength and reliability.

Whether you're trying to escape from a dangerous person or animal, or simply need to leave in a hurry, the EVject could be a literal lifesaver. Don't miss Zac and Jesse's full review and real-world test of the EVJect, and find out how you can get a 30% discount on your pre-order using their exclusive link.

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