Tesla Joy | Tesla Safety Charging Device For Women: Free Charger From Charging Port Instantly!

Tesla Joy | Tesla Safety Charging Device For Women: Free Charger From Charging Port Instantly!

More and more women are embracing the freedom and environmental benefits of driving an EV. However, charging an electric car can sometimes put women in vulnerable situations, especially when using remote or unfamiliar charging stations late at night. This is where EVject comes in – a game-changing safety accessory designed to give women peace of mind while charging their EVs.

At the Tesla Takeover 2023 event, Joy, a prominent figure in the Tesla community, spoke with Amanda from EVject about their innovative breakaway adapter. The EVject adapter is designed to sit between the car's charging port and the charging wand, allowing drivers to quickly disconnect and drive away in case of an emergency without having to exit their vehicle to unplug.

Amanda explained that the idea for EVject came about when she and her husband, Kreg, were charging their Tesla at a supercharger. While watching a movie in "romantic mode," they realized that being stuck at a charging station for an extended period could potentially put them in a dangerous situation. Unlike gas stations, where pumps have breakaway mechanisms, EVs require the driver to manually unplug the charging cable before driving away.

The EVject adapter solves this problem by allowing drivers to hit the "unlock charge port" button from inside their car, disconnecting the adapter and allowing them to shift into drive and escape immediately. When this happens, the adapter breaks apart, with one half remaining attached to the car and the other to the charging wand. The detached wand falls to the ground without causing damage to the car or the charging station.

One of the most impressive aspects of EVject is our commitment to customer safety. For the first 1,000 buyers, the company offers a lifetime replacement guarantee. If a customer ever needs to use the adapter in an emergency, they can send the broken part back to EVject along with their Sentry Mode camera footage, and the company will send them a new adapter for free.

As a woman in the Tesla community, Joy recognizes the importance of products like EVject in providing a sense of security and empowerment for female EV drivers. By supporting innovative companies like EVject, we can work together to create a safer and more inclusive environment for all EV owners.

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