Collection: EVJECT

Introducing the EVject - a revolutionary device that enhances your safety and protects your vehicle during charging.

Our patented magnetic design allows for easy attachment to your charger's head before plugging in. Once connected, the cable remains securely attached to the port, but can be quickly and easily disconnected at a moment's notice.

In an emergency, the EVject gives you the ability to shift into drive and escape quickly and safely. The magnetic hold to your car's port will break as you pull away, but the EVject will still protect the charger's head from damage as it falls.

Designed with your safety in mind, the EVject is a must-have for any EV driver. You no longer need to worry about the vulnerability of being unable to drive away while charging.

And at EVject, we believe that safety should never come at a cost. That's why we offer a free replacement of the EVject system in the event that it is used to secure your getaway.

Invest in the EVject and experience peace of mind while charging your electric vehicle.